Why should you join the course?

Heres Why:

1. We pay attention to Quality Teaching and quality material

 Seriously, this is an extremely important reason to buy the course.

What do most coaching centres recommend for reading? Start reading ‘Lucent or Pathfinder’ on a daily basis. That is it. How does this help you? How does this motivate you for studying? How does this cover the diversity of topics that appear in CDS/CAPF ? Well, it does not. And this is where we come into the picture. We take care of your Study material selection: we tell you what to read. We select  on a daily basis plus provide you topic-wise reading material for  topics including Politics, HIstory, Geography Economics, Science, etc. What more do you need!

2. We don’t stop at just telling you what to read!

We also help you understand the Notes  we share with you. Have a doubt in any Class? Post it in the watsapp discussion section and we will help you understand it. In short, this is the guided reading experience you are searching for.

3. We don’t cut corners with practice material!


For example, you get a total of 750+ MCQs in Each subject. Plus every other question type for all the UPSC exams is covered. This is the kind of depth we offer. It is needless to say, we have videos for all topics as well.

 4. We can’t stop adding things and features!

We have done a few things in the course very well but this does not satisfy us. We keep adding new features and new things to the course. We started this course as a course only about GS and now every CDS/CAPF topic has been added to it .Isn’t it all about learning and improving?

5. This is not a dead one-way course!

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